Acidicloop is the brainchild of Ray Confer, Live Looping artist. Ray has been playing guitar for around 27 years in various bands ranging from blues to 80s metal. After a while of bands not working out, Ray decided to strike out solo. He watched a video from KT Tunstall called Black Horse and a Cherry Tree and noticed she was playing all the sounds herself. Intrigued he researched her gear and found out about this thing called live looping. Essentially, the musician uses a loop pedal to lay down different parts fo a song and have them loop back, thus creating a song on the fly layer by layer. Ray started investing in some different loop pedals and practiced this technique making some creative music along the way. Since that time, he has honed his craft into using looped beats, and he layers in electric guitar parts along with bass guitar, thus simulating a full band. He blends trip hop with jazz, blues, funk, rock and downtempo utilizing samples, looping and his guitar and various Midi Polyphonic expression instruments on his Ipad to create his own original style he calls Funkasoulajazz. His shows are unpredictable as he can stir the soul one moment with some expressive silky jazz, and then get the adrenaline up next with driving guitar hooks.

Ray decided to take his Acidicloop project into a virtual world called Second Life, which has a real economy and live music nightly from artists all around the world. Second Life allowed him to reach fans he never would have in the real life due to travel, and believe it or not, people in there pay him to perform live. This is done via a mixer that he hooks up to his computer, where all of his live looping gear is hooked to, and he uses a shoutcast stream to broadcast himself in-world for live audiences from around the world. As of today he balances his music between Second Life, some real life gig work and playing for his local church. We hope you enjoy the music you find on this site and are intrigued enough to maybe visit his show in the virtual life as well. So get in the loop.... Acidicloop!